Due Diligence

Exposing financial risks, reputational issues, criminal activity, and legal actions detrimental to your personal and business stability.

From the team who wrote the seminal books, Guide to Online Due Diligence Investigations and Business Background Investigations

With over twenty-five years of global experience tracking down and exposing vital and sensitive information, Hetherington Group conducts due diligence investigations unique to your needs. With hyper-focus and scientific precision, our seasoned professional analysts scour the Internet, social networks, government databases, media coverage, and litigation records to provide you the data you need to make sound ethics and legal decisions for yourself and your business.

Hg’s experts excel at uncovering information on domestic and foreign small businesses, corporations, principals and products. Information discovered during our due diligence investigations—financial, legal, and reputational—helps you understand people and organizations of interest, while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Hg’s Commitment & Approach
We believe successful partnerships are built on honesty. We arm our clients with information on national and foreign business transactions, legal and regulatory compliance, and individual background checks, so when you get to the negotiation table you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your potential partner’s reputation, assets, liabilities, and affiliations.

We bring peace of mind. Whether you’re hiring a new CEO or considering a corporate merger, there’s no better way to make a critical decision than knowing you’ve received a thorough and accurate due diligence report from a trusted and proven investigation firm.

Our Phased Approach puts control in your hands. As a due diligence investigative firm, we scrutinize and examine the backgrounds of corporate entities and the principals who manage them, with the aim of uncovering all the parties they work with, the vendors and suppliers they associate with, and the entities that manage their assets.

In Phase One, our investigators work with you to understand your specific needs and then get to work researching and analyzing preliminary due diligence data across a variety of platforms: including non-traditional Internet resources, social platforms, government databases, and public records. We summarize our findings in a report, and, if the data are sufficient, our work is done.

If, however, our initial investigation reveals the need for a deeper dive, you have the option to move onto Phase Two. In our boots-on-the ground stage, our expert analysts will contact references and send court retrievers to compile data wherever the person lived or worked — a step that ensures all public records have been secured and analyzed.

We deliver a due diligence report to empower you to make sound decisions. At the conclusion of each project, we will deliver a report with Key Findings and Recommended Next Steps that summarize the vital issues pertaining to the subject of our investigation. The core material of the report will be the substantiating documentation discovered during the course of our research and analysis.