Cyber Investigations

Clearing through jargon and uncovering answers buried deep in open sources, social media pages, and Dark Web sites.

From the founders of the OSMOSIS Institute which gathers hundreds of investigators annually to receive Open Source Intelligence training from the most recognized social media and open source experts in North America…

With over twenty-five years of global experience in open source investigations and one of the first investigative firms to conduct online social media investigations, Hetherington Group develops advanced cyber investigations unique to your needs.

Today, every investigation involves, at some level, social media and open source investigations. With hyper-focus and scientific precision, Hg’s seasoned professional analysts scour hundreds of thousands of clearnet, deep, and dark sites to provide you the data you need in this expansive and ever-changing environment.

Hg’s Commitment & Approach

We believe successful partnerships are built on honesty. Often, a thorough online investigation is all that’s needed. We listen to your concerns and conduct our investigations with transparency, adhering to foreign and domestic ethics standards and laws.

We put control in your hands. We work with you to understand your specific needs. We can conduct our investigations with direct and simple investigative tactics, or, together, we can create a multi-layered risk approach that keeps your company and assets safe.

We bring peace of mind. For those cases where you need a deeper dive into the Internet, you can hire us for a panoply of options.

  • We locate assets and help define wealth.
  • We locate items being sold as stolen or counterfeit goods.
  • We look for someone or something without an inkling of where to begin.
  • We track an individual’s activities through social media and publications.
  • We enter the Deep and Dark Web to retrieve records, statements, and other valuable data.
  • We locate stolen identities and nefarious actors on the Dark Web.
  • We establish a social media monitoring plan designed around your needs.

We deliver a report to empower you to make sound decisions. At the conclusion of each project, we deliver a report with Key Findings and Recommended Next Steps that summarize the vital issues pertaining to the subject of our investigation. The core material of the report will be the substantiating documentation discovered during the course of our research and analysis. Briefing reports are also available.