Stolen goods are often sold on auction sites with the description key words intentionally misspelled. For investigators tracking down stolen assets, should be one of your key OSINT tools. The website locates items listed on eBay with spelling mistakes in the ad copy. Search options on Fatfingers can include searching on correct spelling and including misspellings in description but not in title, and the opposite, correct spellings in the description but not in the title.

A recent search for “Apple” found:

  • For Appl iPhone XS Max Case Clear Transparent Bumper Cover Shockproof Protective
  • New OEM Original A pple I Phone X XS XS MAX Silicone Case Cover


Another search for “Printer” turned up:

  • Canon printer BJC 4200 Color Bubble Jet Prinyer, USED
  • Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Professional Inkjet Photo Priner + LU101 Pro Luster Paper

To search various in various countries, click the country’s flag icon at the top of the search screen.

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