Cyber Investigation Case Studies from the Hg Archives

August 11, 2023

Prioritizing Safety Using Cyber Investigation

Hg was engaged by a corporate security team to investigate an unknown individual who was calling bomb threats into their call center. Our client was seeking to identify this individual as soon as possible. Using language from the audio from the calls only, Hg was able to conduct a social media investigation and identify the individual who likely made the calls. As a result, our client confirmed that we identified the correct individual, and they were able to mitigate the situation.






Using Cyber Investigations to Identify Unknown Suspects

Hg was engaged by a high net-worth family to identify the unknown individual who defaced their residential property. Hg was provided only video footage of the individual. Using the video footage, Hg was able to conduct a series of reverse image searches which led to positively identifying the individual. As our result, our client was able to report to the police.





Mitigating Defamation Through Cyber Investigations

Hg was engaged by a corporate security team to provide intelligence regarding an online disinformation campaign escalating against their company. Hg was able to identify the group of individuals responsible and provide intelligence regarding their background, their motive, and their funding. As a result, our client felt aware and able to make business decisions.






Protecting Trade Secrets with Cyber Investigations

Hg was engaged by an internal audit team who was investigating a group of persons who they suspected were leaking trade secrets. Hg was able to utilize social networks to determine that the suspected persons were in frequent communication with former employees of the company and local reporters. Hg was able to provide link analysis graphs to provide the client with a better understanding of the situation and combine it with their internal investigation. Our client, a technical person who was unhappy with the work of a previous vendor, was very happy with the link analysis and impressed by the visualizations we were able to create and the large amount of information we were able to preserve.

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