Open Source Searching with Maltego by Paterva

In this issue of Data2Know, read about the details of open source searching with Paterva’s software, Maltego, and the wide world of trademark searches and investigations through TESS. Here, we take you through Maltego and explain how to utilize it to your best advantage when trying to locate a subject online. We also take you, step-by-step, into TESS to search trademarks and logos, and show how to best sift through them all to aid your investigation even further.

ALSO: Get informed with our “Industry Undercover” section—find out how to use GPS apps to undercover information, learn new ways to search for old news, read about the latest IACP/PERSEREC meeting, discover the latest Web site to opt-out of, find out new sites for NJ legal searches, and learn where you track your competitor online.

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