Digital Vulnerability Intelligence Case Studies from the Hg Archives

August 29, 2023

Handle Your PII with a White-Glove

Hg was engaged by the corporate security team of a gaming company to clean up the digital footprint of their leadership. The company previously used the opt out service DeleteMe but were looking for something more thorough. Their leadership advised us that our Digital Vulnerability Services were able to remove more listings for their PII that were not covered initially by DeleteMe. We were also able to provide information regarding breach data and social media posts they were not previously aware of.





Reduce Your Online Points of Vulnerability

Hg was engaged by the executive protection team for an energy company to clean up the online digital footprint of their leadership. Their intelligence analysts did an initial assessment and found many listings exposing their leadership’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and were overwhelmed by the amount of effort it would take to remove it all. Hg conducted Digital Vulnerability Intelligence on their leadership and was able to remove an average of 90% of the listings found exposing PII. The client was happy to report this to their leadership and engaged us to continue to monitor and remove new exposures of PII in the future.



Take Back Control of Your Personal Data

Hg was engaged by the global security team of an entertainment company to provide consulting on internet practices and reduce online exposure for their executives, who are frequently targets of disgruntled individuals calling them, writing them, or showing up at their home address. Hg educated our client about Personally Identifiable Information (PII) exposed online, why it is so prevalent, what can be done to remove it, and best practices for keeping your information private in combination with removing thousands of listings exposing PII for their executives and their families. Our client felt empowered with the information they needed to brief their executives and answer their questions.




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