When it comes to tracking down geolocation data, there are many services an OSINT or SOCMINT investigator can choose from. This week, we review MaxMind’s GeoIP and YouTube.

MaxMind’s GeoIP

MaxMind’s GeoIP is a geolocation data service that provides a way to trace Internet visitors instantly. GeoIP can determine the city, postal code, region, country, and area code of an individual on the Web. GeoIP also provides connection speed, ISP, company name, domain name, longitude/latitude, and whether the IP address is a satellite provider or anonymous proxy. With access to millions of datasets, GeoIP runs user-entered location data through algorithms with an end-result of location points for IP addresses.

This model may present an issue with accurate data, since the results are based on information entered by an individual. However, GeoIP can be used for fraud screening, ad-serving, firewall/ spam protection, Web analytics, and anti-phishing/anti-identity theft applications.

YouTube Geo-locations

This web application is useful for finding YouTube videos tagged with geo-coordinates. Powerful yes, but also free for anyone to use. It was initially created to help find citizen journalism, according to the Website’s About page.

However, everyone working in online intelligence and security has a demand for this tool. Perhaps you need to monitor an event or a protest. Or maybe you need to watch for social media content posted from an individual’s residence or business. This application uses YouTube Data API v3’s search functionality to generate location ranked search results and their upload times. To use, enter a location of interest and, if needed, add key words to your search. It is important to remember that YouTube video upload times may not be the same time the video was taken. Paid platforms such as LifeRaft Navigator, Echosec, and Mediasonar have the same ability to determine geo-location from YouTube uploaders as well as other social networks.

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