A good deal of the information found in online databases is generated by us and our eagerness to keep our lives simple. For instance, does your keychain look like holiday garland with commercial value cards dangling from it? Gliding through the airport, do you advertise who you are with easily visible bag tags displaying your status and address? Are you, or your family members, regularly checking from either a smartphone or a laptop the Facebook and Instagram updates of friends? Is your wallet bulging with credit and/or debit cards and not dollars? Do your home phones and cell phones receive unsolicited offer/scam calls? Is your postal mail box full of unsolicited offerings? If any of these scenarios apply to you, you are oversharing your information.

This report will help you understand the dark side of information. Data, at its most annoying, is a commodity with social media sites selling your Likes to data providers. Data, at its most dangerous, allows ISIL, from overseas, to farm from open sources the personal addresses of our military and threaten their families. Unfortunately, much of this information is shared willingly by us, ourselves.

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