This introductory primer series teaches you why to use these platforms, how to crack them, where to look, what nuances and leads you need to chase down, and how they are all interrelated.

Hg’s expert trainers discuss how to capture content in five popular services, so you can present your findings in your reports. Each webinar covers a single social media platform and its specific details.

Day 1 – Facebook

Day 2 – LinkedIn

Day 3 – Twitter

Day 4 – Instagram

Day 5 – Reddit

Upon completion of the course, field investigators will be able to

  • Understand the evolution of social media platforms.
  • Locate online social media profiles on multiple social networks.
  • Learn how to conduct link analyses of social media profiles.
  • Understand how to gather intelligence without breaking the terms of service.
  • Monitor social media platforms.

All participants will receive handouts on concepts and investigative techniques.

About Hg’s Webinars

These webinars were recorded in 2023 or earlier. Hg makes these webinars available for purchase after the live event; however, they are not approved for CPE credits with some associations(specifically NASBA).