Risk Assessment

Assessing your points of vulnerability through online and open sources and removing personal information that puts you, your business partners, and your family at risk.

From the founders of the OSMOSIS Open Source Intelligence Institute and Conference

With over twenty-five years of global experience in open source investigations and one of the first investigative firms to conduct online social media investigations, Hetherington Group develops advanced Internet investigations unique to your needs. With hyper-focus and scientific precision, Hg’s seasoned professional analysts scour social media networks, local media, individual public record and government databases, and Internet open sources to protect your personal data in this expansive and ever-changing environment.

Hg’s Commitment & Approach

We believe everyone’s data should be safe. Everyone is at risk for identity theft, online and physical stalking, and harassment. Beyond social media, your public records are for sale, so your home address and assets are easily located through simple online searches. After we uncover your online points of vulnerability, we remove the information, protecting you from becoming a target of nefarious behavior.

We bring peace of mind. Even if you’re not a social media user, activities posted by colleagues, board members, family, and others can make you and your family a target. Our dedicated team of Online Risk Assessment professionals continues to learn the latest social media and public record sources. At Hetherington Group, our investigators are focused on a single individual and family at a time.

We put control in your hands. Whether you’re a CEO or an hourly employee, online risk assessments should be conducted as frequently as any risk survey, credit check, or personal security assessment. You tell us your concerns, and we’ll get to work tracking down and eliminating sensitive information found online. During your time of engagement, we also perform online awareness monitoring— live monitoring of a person’s or family’s online profile and activity.

We deliver a report to empower you to protect yourself and your family. At the conclusion of each project, we deliver a report with Key Findings and Recommended Next Steps that summarize the vital issues pertaining to the subject of our investigation. The core material of the report will be the substantiating documentation discovered during the course of our research and analysis.