This week, in support of ACFE’s Fraud Week 2021, we highlight some of our fraud training tools including webinars, Data2Know newsletter articles, and FactSheets.

What is #FraudWeek?

Hg FactSheet: Online Intelligence & Investigations: Tips for the Forensic Accountant

Thorough research is necessary in any type of investigation and requires knowledge of available sources and services to accurately answer the questions asked. Whether you are a forensic accountant, due diligence analyst, special agent, or private investigator, it is necessary to implement a consistent methodology that allows you to approach your research in a systematic way, record your findings, and report your analysis.

In asset investigation or debt recovery work, establish a clear starting point for your attack. Document everything you find—even the smallest details. Save all your files. A random mention of flying lessons on a social media page may, a few months later, prompt you to search for aircraft tail numbers. Pair your excellent searcher skills with some of the professional tools and hack tricks of the trade to fill out your report.

The quest to uncover fraud in its many guises is a never-ending one. Hg’s free FactSheet arms the fraud investigator with he cybertools to outsmart the canniest of fraudsters. Download here.