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The ability to uncover information on the internet is the primary skill of an online investigator. There are hundreds of thousands of surface, deep, and dark websites, but which are most pertinent to your unique case? Do you know how to utilize Google to its full potential?  With new social media platforms coming online at a rapid pace, capturing leads and evidence in social media networks is more complex than ever. Do you know the latest tools of the trade?

Hg’s OSINT Tips of the week provides you with the latest intel how to be most effective in our tradecraft. We are always looking for new tools, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you  have one you’d like reviewed in a future post!


This week, we provide a valuable list of resources for healthcare. These platforms can be valuable for investigative activity—uncovering all kinds of valuable intel. Come on, it’s time to dig in.


HEALTHCARE: docfinder.docboard.org/docfinder.html

Keep DocFinder, a useful search tool, handy when investigating a physician or health care provider. The Administrators in Medicine’s DocFinder launched in 1996 as the first and only physician directory search engine. The website contains information on the licensing background and disciplinary actions of health care providers from those states that practice. In addition, Doc Finder includes physician profile information from states that have passed physician profile laws. When using this tool, you can search by a specific state by name, license number, or town, or do a combined name search for all states on the Doc Finder server. This easily accessible tool gives accurate legal or medical advice for investigations or the general public.

HEALTHCARE: docinfo.org

The Federation of State Medical Boards of the U.S. (FSMB) has a that allows you to look up a doctor’s name in a specific state and verify her/his credentials. A user can determine where a physician went to medical school, where a physician is licensed, and whether a physician has been disciplined by a licensing board. The FSMB represents 70 state medical regulatory boards. This is a trusted and valuable source for anyone conducting a background investigation on a physician or investigating a physician who may be fraudulent.


PHARMA: Cafepharma.com

Cafepharma.com is a site catered to pharmaceutical sales representatives. It maintains a job center, webinars, a news feed, and other industry-specific services. For investigators, the online pharmaceutical boards can be a hotbed of information: Sales representatives and drug manufacturers can trade secrets, rumors, and other intelligence anonymously. Boards include The Darkened Sample ClosetAsk a Whistleblower AttorneyCafe Pharma Playground, among others.


Have an OSINT tip for us? Contact us, and we will consider reviewing it in future posts! 


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