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OSINT Hitlists: Best of 2022 & Into 2023

Hg Webinar

As the year draws to a close, the keen OSINT investigator takes stock in what was learned over the last 11 months and what is on the horizon for due diligence investigations, background checks, social media research and monitoring, and everything from TikTok to Meta. This webinar wraps 2022 online investigation trends into a bright bow, while shining a bright light on 2023 trends before the ball drops in Times Square.

Midwest Counterdrug Training Center – Open Source Investigations for Anti-Trafficking Operations

Midwest Counterdrug Training Center 7105 NW 70th Bldg 3585, Johnston, IA

The Midwest Counterdrug Training Center (MCTC) will be hosting a two-day training course on Open Source Investigations for Anti-Trafficking Operations from December 21st to 22nd, 2022 at their training center in Johnston, IA. Hg's Director of Education and Knowledge Management Megan Munoz will be teaching this two-day course on Open Source Investigations for Anti-Trafficking Operations.

New Jersey Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association 2023 January Training Seminar – Open Source Intelligence Training & Social Media Exploitation

Middlesex County Prosecutor's Training Center Thomas A. Edison Park | N. Patrol Rd, Edison, NJ

Hg's President Cynthia Hetherington and Director of Education & Knowledge Management Megan Munoz will be teaching a session on Open Source Intelligence Training & Social Media Exploitation at the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Training Center in Edison, NJ.

Hg Webinar | Google Dorking: Building on Your Solid Foundation

Since Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google over twenty years ago, the search engine has evolved exponentially—and so have its competitors. Hg’s new webinar expands your knowledge of the internet’s search engines, including Google, Bing, and others.

Hg Webinar | Domestic Background Checks

Hg’s intermediate to advanced webinar increases OSINT investigators’ abilities to utilize databases, free resources, and techniques for uncovering an individual’s personal and professional history.

World Game Protection Annual Conference

Since 2006 the WGPC has connected casino surveillance professionals, gaming managers and regulators from around the world.  This annual 3-day conference and exhibition event focuses on threats, vulnerabilities and risk to casino operations. The WGPC program covers three broad subject areas that collectively shape a casino’s overall risk management strategy – game protection, asset protection and

Hg Webinar | Social Media Investigations 101

Social media platforms are a key element of online investigations. This webinar provides the latest search tools for locating and uncovering social media users and their online content.

Hg Webinar | Private Tools & Databases for Due Diligence

Hg’s new OSINT webinar explores databases, websites, and internet resources used to locate difficult information on companies, their assets, and the people that run them. Special focus is given to public records, legal filings, newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs, and open source material.

Hg Webinar | Social Media: Locating Unknown Individuals Online

Hg’s new OSINT webinar combines expert know-how with hands-on exercises to aide you in identifying the person or group behind an online username. Real case examples are discussed and analyzed. Future challenges in identifying unknown persons are addressed.

Hg Webinar | Stolen Asset Investigations

Conducting asset investigations often requires a keen understanding of how to track down stolen money and property on a variety of internet sites. Hg’s new webinar provides first-hand training on tracking down materials stolen and sold on the internet.

Hg Webinar Series | Open Source Intelligence – Start to Finish

Designed as an online investigation’s primer, Hg’s new webinar series provides the basics of open source intelligence gathering to those entering the field. With three days of content, the field investigator will complete the 360 minutes of training with the tools needed to conduct open source intelligence (OSINT) investigations.

Hg Webinar Series | Online Social Media Primer

How good are you at incorporating social media into your cyber investigations? Hg’s new online social media primer details the riches social media offers to an OSINT investigator. With a few mouse clicks, leads can be discovered, facts challenged, and game changing details can be unveiled—all in support of a case.

Hg Webinar | Conducting an Ethical Online Investigation

As investigators, we are governed by foreign and domestic ethics standards and laws. Hg’s new webinar enhances your understanding of compliance requirements to keep you and your clients within the rules of law.

Hg Webinar | Discreet Investigations Online: Your Digital Footprint

Many social networks and online information sources allow the subjects of searches to see who has searched them. Hg’s new intermediate to advanced webinar provides tools for how to work undercover online, while adhering to ethical standards and laws.

Hg Webinar | Risk Monitoring: Social Media Platforms, Chat Rooms, & More

Hg’s new webinar provides the key tasks associated with risk monitoring of people, events, and movements through social media, chat rooms, and other online sources. Be it active shooters or travel disruptions, this informative OSINT webinar addresses the nuances of online security teamwork, monitoring protocols, and data collection and reporting.

Hg Webinar | OSINT Hitlist: Best of 2023 and into 2024

Another year winds down, and all investigator eyes look forward to new ideas, new trends, and new technologies to improve their work. Hg’s popular end-of-year webinar is updated annually to help you slide into the new year with sharp knowledge, refined critical thinking skills, and enthusiasm for all that 2024 will bring!