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Tennessee Society of CPAs – Conducting Online Asset Investigations


Asset searches tend to be connected to every type and form of investigation. This course examines types of asset investigations, how best to leverage the internet in your investigations, and the legal means to conduct an asset investigation.

Spokane Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – Advanced Online Investigations

The Centennial 303 W North River Dr, Spokane, WA

The ability to uncover information on the internet is the primary skill of an online investigator. In this ever-changing era of online technologies, even the most seasoned of OSINT investigators need to keep up with trends and techniques to enhance their intelligence capabilities. This 1-day, 6 module training program provides that expert training.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ 10th Annual Women’s Global Leadership Summit – Protecting Your Online Image – Leverage Your Online Presence

Hyatt Regency Dallas 30o Reunion Blvd, Dallas, TX

During this year’s Summit and Cynthia's session on Protecting Your Online Image & Leveraging Your Online Presence, attendees will engage in learning about leadership, boardroom diversity and best practices to enhance their skills and potential of women leaders within the accounting and finance community.

Social Media Investigations & Monitoring

Hg Webinar

Online investigations often require more than a surface exploration of social media accounts. How to dig into a subject’s social media activity and how to monitor content are at the heart of this hands-on intermediate to advanced webinar. Updated quarterly to keep investigators at the fore of social media trends, this session spotlights the brightest and best in social media monitoring for protective intelligence.


Cyber Social Con 2021 – Advanced Social Media Investigations


In this intermediate to advanced hands-on class taught by Cynthia Hetherington at Cyber Social Con 2021, participants will learn how to discover intelligence by investigating popular social media platforms and search engines as well as gain knowledge of new social media platforms on the horizon.

Global Due Diligence

Hg Webinar

In today’s global marketplace, investors must adhere to multi-national compliance regulations. The nimble financial analyst provides compliance-based intelligence based on top foreign corporate databases and country-specific social media platforms. In this course, we will review how to conduct international due diligence and background checks based on available databases and open sources in a variety of countries.


SBS CyberSecurity Hacker Hour – Proper Media & Open Source Research Tactics


An undeniable amount of background investigations and case research can be developed from newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs, and other open source materials. This course will provide investigators with the skills to track and locate critical information needed to complete your cases.

Google Dorking: A Guide to Getting Seasoned

Hg Webinar

It’s been twenty years since Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google. Since then, the search engine has evolved while other search engines have vied for its user standing. This webinar expands your knowledge of Google and other search engines, providing you hands-on techniques to tackle challenging searches.


Bell Canada – Search Engine Skills for Workplace Investigators

In this intermediate to advanced hands-on class, participants will learn how to maximize Google searches, as we cover the basics, the hacks, and extra Google resources to create proper search strategies and run advanced Internet searches.

Domestic Background Checks

Hg Webinar

Before getting emotionally, financially, or personally involved, it is a good time to check for any fraudulent or criminal past. This intermediate to advanced hands-on webinar will help OSINT investigators utilize databases, free resources, and techniques for uncovering a person’s history to put your client’s mind at ease.

Unilever – Removing Your Personally Identifiable Information

Everyone is at risk for identity theft, online and physical stalking, and harassment. Beyond social media, your public records are for sale, so your home address and assets are easily located through simple online searches. This course provides a through description of how and where your data is stored and how to remove it.

National White Collar Crime Center – Understanding the Dark Web

The dark web has the star quality and luster of a Hollywood movie, but in reality, it’s a den of inequity operated by the technically sophisticated. The more “Googleized” we’ve become as investigators and researchers, the less we understand what’s going on behind the scenes and how to operate in this nefarious world. This webinar will

Social Media Investigations: Targeting 101

Hg Webinar

[SOLD OUT - RECORDING AVAILABLE ON 3/18] Social media platforms are an important aspect of online investigations. This webinar is for you, if you hold the skills to conduct cursory searches but want to be on top of your game with the latest search tools for locating and uncovering social media users and their online content.


Intellenet – Advanced Social Media Investigations

Bally's 3645 LasVegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

Social media platforms are an important aspect of any online investigation. This advanced class is for you, if you hold the skills to conduct cursory searches but want to be on top of your game with the latest search tools for locating and uncovering social media users and their online content.

Private Tools & Databases for Due Diligence Investigators

Hg Webinar

Online due diligence investigations examine the backgrounds of corporate entities and the principals who manage them. This OSINT webinar will explore the databases, websites, and internet resources required to locate difficult information on companies, their assets, and the people that run them.


Law Enforcement Appreciation – Internet Intelligence Training

ATF NJ Field Office 1 Garret Mountain Plaza Suite 400, Woodland Park, NJ

To celebrate National Police Week, Hetherington Group will be hosting a day of in-person Internet Intelligence Training on May 17th, 2022 at no cost to active law enforcement. The day-long, 6-module training explores the realm of social media exploitation through topics including, but not limited to Utilizing Advanced Google Searches, Online Image Tracking, IP Tracing, and using anonymity as you investigate. 

Risk Assistance Network Exchange Webinar: Taking a Bite Out of Sanctions Crime – KleptoCapture Enforcement and the New FCPA

The Biden administration has made anti-corruption a core part of its national-security agenda, with the Justice Department making sanctions evasion and export-control violations a priority of its white-collar enforcement program following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In this webinar, our panel of experts will discuss this new focus and best practices for how companies can ensure compliance. Join Hg's Cynthia Hetherington as she brings her experience and expertise to this panel hosted by the RANE Network.

Event Monitoring: Extremism & Other Security Team Work Online

Hg Webinar

This rich and informative webinar will cover the steps needed to monitor events– whether it's active shooters or travel disruptions. Hg’s expert intelligence gatherers provide in-depth training on how to prepare for and conduct event monitory in a straightforward approach that includes current analyses of local to global issues and a live fire exercise.


Rx-360 International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Consortium: Locating Stolen and Counterfeit Goods on the Deep and Dark Web

Hg's Cynthia Hetherington joins Rx-360's Supply Chain Security Steering Committee to deliver an action-packed lecture discussing how pharmaceutical products and healthcare devices end up in the hands of thieves, being resold illegally through marketplaces. This presentation will demonstrate how to locate products during and before sale, whether legitimate or counterfeit versions of them.

Due Diligence for ESG: Oh, the Places We Find Data

Hg Webinar

Whether your client is expanding its footprint into an under-developed neighborhood or exploring new borders, today demands that community concerns are taken into consideration. Today’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) footprint sets a guideline for due diligence, which helps the online researcher understand the issues they will be tasked to research. In this class, you will learn how to conduct this specialized investigation via open sources, social media pages, and dark web sites.