How Can a Digital Vulnerability Assessment Benefit a Person or Company?

September 27, 2023 | by Rachel Kronenfeld

This is Part 2 of a 4-part mini-blog series.

How can a Digital Vulnerability Assessment Benefit a Person or Company?

In our last blog post, we discussed the potential setbacks caused by online vulnerabilities. We explained how with just the click of a mouse, anyone can find your address, telephone number, email address, or photos of you and your family. This scenario was just one of many examples we offered to convey how unprotected personal information published online becomes an opportunity that leaves you susceptible to attacks on your identity, reputation, finances, or life. Remember, the potential long-term impact goes far beyond the minor annoyance of changing your passwords.

Assessing your digital footprint to identify points of vulnerability, removing exposures of your personal information you do not want to be found, monitoring for continuous awareness, and consulting to help you deploy privacy best practices is what Hg’s Digital Vulnerability Intelligence entails. Our goal is to keep you and your family safe, and experience all the benefits that come with our services instead of experiencing setbacks. So what are the benefits to enrolling in this service?

  • Emotional peace of mind
    Seeing your personal information exposed online can be alarming and cause distress. Constantly remaining aware of risks associated with personal information exposed online, and continuously implementing best practice recommendations that we provide from our assessment, helps to ensure that your PII is safeguarded. Many of our longstanding clients have expressed peace of mind knowing that a credentialed managed services firm is helping them stay informed regarding vulnerabilities related to their digital footprint.
  • Certainty
    The online landscape is vast; being aware that information exists about you and your family online, but not knowing what or how to find all of them, can be unsettling and overwhelming. Our comprehensive assessments encompass every layer of the web from surface, deep, to the dark web. Our search methodologies and access to a wide range of software and proprietary tools enables us to uncover information in even the furthest reaches of the digital ecosphere, such as telegram, breach data, and dark web forums.
  • Control
    Your personal information is often being collected, shared, sold, or perhaps even being compromised. Our proactivity around eliminating sensitive information published online, and our consulting services empowers you to know how to navigate privacy settings, be aware of when to avoid sharing certain information with others and confidently share with family members to do the same, all of which enables you to regain control over your information.
  • Protection
    Identifying your points of vulnerability online and concerning information you may not have been previously aware of, allows you to take actions to protect yourself and your family based on those findings. Intelligence discovered in a Digital Vulnerability assessment can also enable your cyber, IT, legal, or security teams to know just the actions they need to take to protect you.

Our vast expertise enables us to provide these benefits to anyone. Hg has supported Fortune 500 executives across a wide range of industries, family offices, nonprofits, celebrities and high profile persons, as well as government and law enforcement. Unfortunately, we often see clients come to us after they’ve experienced a setback caused by their online exposure, and we often hear clients telling us they wish they had found our team sooner.

Contact us now to learn more about the benefits of Hg’s Digital Vulnerability Intelligence, and avoid the setbacks.