“Fossard … a man the more dangerous, as he was very skillful in making false keys. To apprehend him from home was almost possible, for he was skillful in disguises, and could detect an officer a hundred paces off; on the other hand, it would be better to seize him in the midst of his professional apparatus, and the produce of his robberies.”

~ Eugene Francois Vidocq, 1834

Next Wednesday is P.I. Day!

And Hg is sponsoring our first annual Name Your Favorite P.I. contest.

What better way to celebrate the 244th birthday of Eugene Francois Vidocq, the French criminal turned criminalist who is credited with founding the first private detective agency in 1833. (If you are looking for a great beach read, check out his 1834 autobiography, Memoirs of Vidocq: Principal Agent of the French Police Until 1827. It’s quite a read!)

The Contest

Over the next 6 days, Hg’s team will be sharing their favorite TV, literary, and film investigators leading up to #PrivateInvestigatorDay on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We’d love to find out who your favorites are! When you share with our community, you could win 1 of 4 prizes!

The Rules

1. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, visit one of our social media accounts and follow us.
2. In the contest post for that day, reply by naming your favorite P.I. in either movies, literature, or TV.
3. Tag two colleagues or friends, encouraging them to do the same.
4. If you plan to attend the 2019 OSMOSIS Conference and would like to be entered to win a $200 registration discount, please include #OSMOSIScon in your post.
5. Contestants’ names will be drawn and announced on Wednesday, July 31, via social media and will be recognized in one of our upcoming Data2Know Newsletters.

The Prizes

Grand Prize: $200 discount off registration to the 5th annual OSMOSIS Conference, October 13-15, 2019 in Orlando, Florida

First Prize: 1 Year of our Data2Know Newsletter

Second Prize:  1 Hg Webinar of your choice

Third Prize:  1 signed copy of Cynthia Hetherington’s book, Manual to Online Public Records