• Across the Ocean - Business Due Diligence in the Republic of China

    How does the well-informed investigator determine if a company located in the Republic of China is reputable and free from encumbrances? In this article you will be given a systematic account of the due diligence steps necessary to answer the above question. This article examines the steps, thought processes, and online resources necessary to achieve success with business due diligence in China. The objective of our investigation is to minimize monetary and reputational risks involved with a foreign business.
  • Industry Sources for Every Investigator

    One of the challenges with due diligence research is that the industry in which we are investigating is ever-changing. Each industry has its own publications, news, social media forums, and data collections. One example is the medical industry. Cardiologists have their own magazines, associations, and data producers, and you need to search within all those industry resources if you are conducting research on a cardiology group. Research gets tougher with unique occupations—such as waste management, philosophers, and DVR manufacturers. Each has its own panoply of information producers. This article focuses on the WHERE to find information, rather than the always important WHAT.
  • The Business of Finding Business Assets Business assets can be held in many ways—and buried in even more ways. Among the many creative money management methods available, business assets can be legally held in a foreign country, as a corporate shell, or a personal trust. Assets can be liquid (cash or easily converted to cash), intangible (hard to find or evaluate), or hidden (tucked way not to be found). Typical assets controlled by a business include: Real Property; Personal Property; Investments and Trusts (Financial Assets); Intellectual Property; and Subsidiaries/Spin-offs. For those assets that can be located, a discussion of some practical search procedures follows. Each asset type is examined, with examples of how to search for and investigate them. what you pay for.  
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