Trademark Investigations

Clearing, asserting, and defending trademark rights to minimize attorney-client costs, risks, and delays.

With over twenty-five years of experience in global open source investigations, Hetherington Group (Hg) conducts thorough, timely research and analysis. By employing hyper-focused, scientific precision Hg’s expert analysts scour open sources, social media networks, public records, and internet archives, and non-traditional internet resources to provide clear, concise, and complete attorney work-products.

Intelligence discovered during Hg’s trademark investigations assists attorneys in clearing the landscape for new brand identities, asserting territorial ownership, and defending trademarks against unauthorized third party infringement. Because our investigative methods bear the scrutiny of judges and juries, our attorney clients have confidence in their decisions and advice to those they represent—allowing you to focus on practicing law, not on training your investigators.

Hg’s Commitment & Approach

We believe successful partnerships are built on honesty. We substantiate your case work with precise information to ensure defendable territory for brands and trademarks, including competitive intelligence on first use of a mark and subsequent trademark appearances. We do this, so when you’re managing a client’s claim you will have a thorough understanding of when, where, and how a trademark or trademark infringement appeared.

We bring peace of mind. As a trusted partner and proven investigation firm, we work as an extension of your law practice. Staffed with veteran analysts adept and proven in trademark investigations, we provide the research and analysis required for successful clearance, assertion, and defense of valuable trademark property.

Our Phased Approach puts control in your hands. As an expert investigations & intelligence firm, we understand your client’s desire to minimize costs, risks, and delays in securing a new brand identity or defending against third party infringement. We work with you to understand your client’s specific needs and then get to work researching and analyzing trademark data across a variety of platforms. We summarize our findings in a report, and if the data is sufficient, our work is done.

If, however, our initial investigation reveals the need for a deeper dive, you have the option to move onto Phase Two. In our boots-on-the ground stage, our expert analysts use field expertise to survey and learn better how to meet your needs.

We deliver a comprehensive report to empower prudent decisions. At the conclusion of each engagement, we deliver a report with Key Findings, Recommended Next Steps, and a Snapshot Portfolio containing a synopsis, broad-reaching observations, and detailed findings that clarify the unknown related to trademark investigative work. Our Snapshot Portfolio substantiates report documentation with screen captures and other visual references discovered during our research.