Trademark Investigations

Clear, Concise, & Decisive Investigations

Access to over 3,500 databases and decades of combined experience in global, open source investigations provides Hg’s analysts with the resources and expertise necessary to manage complex investigations across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Hg’s timely and exhaustive investigations provide analysis and prevent strategic surprises for our clients. Because our investigative methods will bear the scrutiny of judges and juries, our clients have confidence in their decisions and advice to those they represent. This means that you get to focus on practicing law, not on training your investigators.

Our clear, complete, and concise attorney work- products incorporate:

• Profiles as to character, disposition, size, scope, and financial wherewithal of the target

• Verifications of dates of first and last use or of the intent to use the trademark in question

• Identification of the products and services offered and of the sectors and industries within which the relevant public operates

• Facts pertinent to the geographic regions served and to the marketing and distribution channels therein

• Current and historical internet activities that identify narrowing or expanding use or changes to the business model

• Evidence of bad faith and examples or samples demonstrating trademark use