This week, while Brits and the Irish are wassailing along cobblestone paths with hot cider in hand, Hg reviews two online sources to aid investigators conducting due diligence backgrounds across the pond: and The Courts Service of Ireland.

Great Britain

“People, Businesses, and Places” is’s tagline, and it’s definitely one of the most comprehensive online public records aggregates for conducting research in the United Kingdom. It contains almost 700 million public records and has received many top awards, including Best Online Directory site at the 118 Awards for the last 7 years. The free service provides allows the user to conduct directory searches, local business searches, and access interactive mapping, aerial photography, and property records. The Premium level, starting at £14.95 for 6 credits and capping out at £199.00 for 600 credits, opens the door to the UK Electoral Roll (2018 is now available), making for a white-pages directory of actionable information, since British citizens need to be registered in the Electoral Roll. Records include name, age, full address, phone numbers, co-occupants, neighbors, property records, county court judgments as well as birth, death, and marriage certificates. also offers a search of the Corporations Directory, which has data on individuals who own and operate companies through the UK. On the Company Reports tab (use Advanced Business Search, found at the bottom of the Search Businesses field), view employee numbers, turnovers, financial reports and assets, listing of current and past directors, and incorporation details.


The Courts Service of Ireland website includes judgements and determinations from the Supreme Court, Special Criminal Court, Central Criminal Court, Court of Criminal Appeal, Court of Appeal, Circuit Court, District Court, Courts-Marital Appeal Court, Children Court, and the High Court in the Republic of Ireland.

Online services include a Bankruptcy Register, a High Court Search, Judgments and Determinations, a Legal Diary, and Small Claims. Upon registering, you can access the Bankruptcy register, for example. You can search for a bankruptcy with one or more of the following parameters:

• Bankruptcy Number
• Debtor’s Surname
• Debtor’s Forename
• Status of bankruptcy
• Debtor Address Lines 1-3 and Town/City (contains string entered)
• Debtor Address – County
• Debtor Address – Postcode
• Calendar year of Adjudication

If you successfully locate a bankruptcy, your initial search will generate one line of information. If you click on the green button, more data will be revealed. This webpage has useful tips when searching the database.

For a general search of your party, use the website’s Search field (linked in the rightmost of the center bar under the header banner of the website’s home page). Then move on to advanced search from there. Patience can be a virtue when using this site, as it can be cumbersome to navigate.

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